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Frequently asked questions and information that are useful, so that you don’t ask them in vain.

The camera is located in Central Finland, in a municipality called Muurame. The exact location of the camera is not revealed so that it does not become a target of vandalism.

LocalghostFI Ltd & Atte “Mixerboy24” Oksanen

You can claim the right to use an image or video by contacting us via the form on the “Contact Us” page. Select “Commercial use” as the subject. Write in the message where and what material you want to use. It is also good to mention the amount of compensation.

Visibility of the northern lights at the height of Central Finland is possible, but not very common compared to Finnish Lapland.

Muurame is a scenic municipality of about 10,200 inhabitants in the Central Finland region. It is known for its active business policy and supporting entrepreneurship.

The world-famous Harvia stoves and saunas originate from Muurame. There are also well-known people from Muurame, such as ice hockey players.

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